Special Features

Ensuring Clients Safety

Clear, Consistent and Regular Communication

We will message our clients about 15-30 minutes before estimated arrival. This will ensure you have time to round up any activity you are doing, and stay within a designated room, throughout the clean.

Disinfect High Touch Surfaces

We will clean with specialty disinfectant

We will clean all high touch surfaces and objects, as well as vacuum and mops after every use.

Preventative Measures

Wash and Sanitise

We will rinse our outdoor shoes with disinfectant before entering your property. Upon entering, we will wash our hands for 30 seconds, and wash our hands before leaving.

Daily Heath Check

Body Temperatures & NHS Symptom Check

We will check our body temperature daily, and complete the NHS symptom check before starting our day.


Read our safety measures in depth:

Cleaning where there is no suspected cases

  • No PPE necessary, but will wear mask and disposable gloves as a minimum.

  • All windows left open during clean to ensure good ventilation

  • Client to provide cleaning cloths, vacuum and mop, which will be disinfected at the end of each clean. 

  • All cloths bagged up at the end of each clean. (reusable bags will be given at a later date, so that client can just put them straight into the machine.)

  • Maintain social distancing by communicating with client before each job. This will include contacting the night before, morning of, when we are 15-30 minutes of estimated arrival, and upon leaving premises (If clients are out for the duration).

  • Ensure we disinfect high touch surfaces and areas (handles, doors, taps, sanitary fittings throughout. indepth clean of kitchen and bathrooms).

  • Waste will be double bagged to ensure the safety of your council kerbside rubbish collectors.

If any client has had any symptoms of illness (even if its a little cough or they think it's just a cold/flu), services will be suspended for at least 14 days before cleaning can resume. No laundry will be carried out in the event of this happening.

We will not come into your home if we are unwell with high temperature/coronavirus symptoms.

We will also not be carrying out any cleans for anyone who is clinically vulnerable, who is shielding or isolating with symptoms. This is to ensure both clients, families and cleaners safety.

  • We will frequently wash out hands. Specifically, hands will be washed:

Upon entering and before leaving the property

After cleaning kitchen

After cleaning bathroom

After cleaning high touch surfaces

After sneezing/coughing

After handling household waste

  • We will be operating a traffic light system for when we clean your homes:

Red- Kitchen/Bathroom

Yellow- Hallways/Reception Rooms/Home Offices

Green- Bedroom(s)

The client will need to either vacate for a minimum of 1 hour or, if they will remain at home, stay in the bedroom or if they are working, they should stay in the home office (green zones) until all other zones have been cleaned. Client will then need to move out of the green zone while it's cleaned. 

  • Client will be sent a payment link to SumUp, where they can settle invoices by card. No cash will be accepted.

Any prospective client wanting a clean will have to arrange a virtual tour and fill in the NHS symptoms checker before cleaning can commence.

  • We will bring our own food and drink, and any breaks will be taken outside.



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