Terms and Conditions of using our services

The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between a Client and Eco Queen Cleaning Services, and is governed by the relevant UK law. Please read through this before your first scheduled session.

Welcome to Eco Queen Cleaning Services and thanks for visiting. By booking through our site, messaging services or phone you are agreeing to these terms. So please read them carefully.

We have the right to make changes to any part of these terms and conditions without prior notice.


To avoid extra charges, please ensure your property is reasonably tidy before our arrival. Any mess that takes more than 20 minutes would potentially risk additional charges.

Oven and fridge cleaning may be requested, within 48 hours in advance of your scheduled booking. There will be an additional fee of £10 for this. 

Any job requiring a key being left to us requires a key release form, before your first scheduled session.

You are to also notify us of any upcoming building work, decorating or renovations made to your property.

We always also strongly advise to expect a bit of flexibility with timing, if it is the first visit, or there have been gaps in between sessions. 

End of Tenancy

Payment should be made in advance before scheduled session, and we will not be held responsible for the removal of items left behind from former tenant.

Property must be unfurnished before cleaning, otherwise an additional 15% charge will be applied. 

We cannot be held responsible for the complete removal of damp/mould in the property..

We will take photographs of property in current and after state for reference/evidence. They will be kept strictly confidential, unless specified by our clients or representatives.

After Build

Cleaning after an after build/decoration will more than likely take twice, if not, double the amount of times it would take to clean a well maintained home.

We shall endeavour to remove dust/debris within the property, but cannot guarantee its complete removal.  

We will take photographs of property in current and after state for reference/evidence. They will be confidential, unless specified by our clients or representatives.


We always use our own products for our jobs, as we know what products are safest, and we practise an eco-friendly focus.

The only exception for this are toilet bowls and surfaces that are sensitive to natural products, like granite and marble, and if a client (or family member) is immune-compromised and will need a slightly stronger (but still cruelty free) product (i.e. Stardrops/Astonish).

We ask clients with pets to provide their own cloths, to prevent cross contamination between jobs.


Payment Methods

You are more than welcome to use PayPal, credit/debit card, or bank transfer. We operate as a cashless payment company and do not accept cash, as it's more convenient and is the safest method between jobs.


Payments are due immediately after your scheduled session. Any payment not received will accrue late fees of 8.5% for each day we have not received it.

It is also our policy to discontinue our service immediately if we have not received payment. 

Price Increase

Eco Queen Cleaning Company reserves the right to adjust client rates at any time. You will notified 28 calendar days prior to any price increase.


We do not accept refunds once the session has been carried out, however we are more than happy to undergo a complimentary session (up to 1 hour), to correct anything missed.


We require a 24 hour minimum period if you can no longer keep your booking/make changes to your clean. If it is less than this, the cost of the full session becomes payable.

If you have a recurring session (weekly/fortnightly), and you wish to cancel our services, a 2-week notice is required, and must be given in writing.

Any less than this, and a £30 cancellation fee is payable.

Client Holidays

Eco Queen Cleaning Company requires 2 weeks notice for any breaks in your scheduled sessions. If you do not require a clean while you are away, please let us know in the first instance. Please note that we will only keep your scheduled slot for 1 week. Any longer than this will result in yourself being charged at your normal cleaning rate, and/or cancelling our services. 


Eco Queen Cleaning Company cannot be held responsible for:​

  • Completing tasks outside of our task list

  • Cleaning sessions not complete due to lack of suitable cleaning detergents and/or equipment in full working order, hot water, or power. 

  • re-cleaning an area after third party entering or is present at Client's property- Eco Queen Cleaning Company will only clean an area once.

  • accepting deliveries/parcels- this must be scheduled outside of our scheduled session.

  • parcels left outside the property

  • triggering alarm systems- they must be turned off ahead of cleaner's arrival.

  • Eco Queen Cleaning Company will not clean/give extensive cleans to items found to be unsuitable for treatment. 

  • Eco Queen Cleaning Company will not look after any of clients pets at any point during the clean, and they must be removed from the property ahead of cleaner's arrival.

  • If any animal is found to be aggressive in any way, the client remains responsible for settling the cost of the clean and will be terminated immediately, and will not return until a risk assessment is carried out. 


Every session is insured up to £1million, and will agree to repair it at it's cost. Due to the nature of the business, any claims will only be considered within 24 hours of your scheduled session.


  • We will not climb higher than a 2 step ladder

  • We will not move furniture considered heavy, but will attempt to clean any accessible areas.

  • We will not clean after animals (litter trays, excrement, etc)

  • We will not spend more than a considerable amount of time tidying up, and will only provide light straightening of areas we clean.

Photographs/Social Media

We do like to sometimes take before and after pictures of your home, but we will never reveal exact location of where you reside, or reveal any distinctive pieces/photographs that will give away where you live. 

They will never be posted online without your consent, and we will ask your permission before taking pictures. 

We do respect your privacy and if there are any photos you are not happy to have publicised, please let us know and we will be more than happy to remove said photograph(s).

However we will need to take photograph in the event of any damage made in order to go through insurance claims. 

Eco Queen Cleaning Company will reserve the right to use said photography to defend themselves in the event of a dispute/negative allegations made online, and will be pursued against the individual.

Key Holding/Entry into properties

Please let us know if we require a key to get into your property, and alarm code, if applicable. We are not responsible for incorrect codes, triggering alarms or if they are not switched off ahead of our arrival.

If the client chooses to leave their door/gate unlocked, place their key under the mat or leave their house key in an unsecured place for the cleaners to gain entry, Eco Queen Cleaning Company will not accept liability from any damage made before or after our visit, and the client will be solely responsible for any damages



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